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Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm PST

How to reach us 


Facebook/Instagram: @calmoptics

We respond to all messages (whether in the form of an email, message on social media, live chat, or voicemail) in the order they're received. As an e-commerce company, we sure do love emails - that is the easiest way to get in contact with our Customer Experience team! Regardless of the mode of communication, however, you can look forward to hearing back from us within one business day.

Returns & Exchanges

What is your return and exchange policy? 

Because we sell exclusively online, we offer a 14-day risk-free return policy after the delivery of your order! We offer shipping, returns, and exchanges if you decide a different frame style would fit you better or want to change to a different frame color. 

How can I exchange? 

If you're interested in an exchange and are unsure of which style you want to try, measure your favorite pair of eyewear to get an idea of which CalmOptics frame would be the perfect fit! You can also email a photo of yourself to for personal stylist recommendations. 

How can I return? 

We offer a 14-day risk-free return policy after the delivery of your order! Simply email us with your order number and a brief description letting us know whether you'd like to return or exchange and we’ll respond to you as soon as possible.

Order Information

How do I cancel my order? 

You can cancel your order within 2 hours by clicking on the "Cancel Order" button in your confirmation email. Each order will remain in a processing state for 2 hours before it is transmitted to our optical facility for immediate fulfillment.If the order has yet to ship, feel free to email with an order cancellation request, and we'll do our best to accommodate your needs. However, if the order has already shipped, reach out to us upon delivery to initiate the return/exchange process! 

What if the glasses I want are out of stock? 

We work as hard as we can to keep our virtual shelves fully-stocked, though sometimes we do sell out of a popular frame or color. If a frame/color is sold out for an extended amount of time, an anticipated restock date will be listed on the product page. We encourage you to join our mailing list to be notified when the frame is back in stock. 

Do you have retail locations? 

CalmOptics are sold exclusively online. We realize glasses are something people would like to try on before committing to, which is why we offer a 14-day risk-free return policy after the delivery of your order!


When can I expect my order? 

Generally, all USA orders ship within 3-5 business days. Once our shipping carrier picks up your order, you will automatically receive an email with your tracking information.  


Where is my shipment? How can I track the order? 

To track your order, just click the tracking link in your shipping confirmation email or go to your orders page, click the applicable order, and click track shipment. We can't wait for you to get your CalmOptics! 

Where do you ship? 

We ship to anyone with a valid address in the United States & Canada

Do you ship internationally? 

At the moment, CalmOptics ships to the 50 U.S States + anywhere else in the World.

Kids CalmOptics

Kids CalmOptics are designed to block harmful digital blue light to help reduce the negative health effects that are caused by prolonged use of computer and tablet screens.

All of our glasses are non-prescription. So even if your kids don’t wear glasses, they can still benefit from protecting their eyes against those nasty digital blue light rays! Thousands of families worldwide are already loving these virtually indestructible glasses for kids - and we know you’ll love them too! 


Adults CalmOptics

Reading emails, online shopping, scrolling through social media, and watching videos are just some of the many things we enjoy on a daily basis. All that screen time and exposure to blue light can negatively impact our health. 

 That's why CalmOptics is proud to offer non-prescription blue light blocking glasses in adult styles as well! Reduce the negative effects of blue light and increase visual comfort from long exposure to digital screens with our premium blue light glasses. 


Lens Warranty & Proper Care

How do I clean my lenses? 

The included microfiber cloth should be sufficient for cleaning any smudges or dirt from the lenses. Using lotion-free soap/dishwashing liquid and water with a microfiber/lint-free towel works as well! 

We do NOT recommend using hot water or any chemical-based cleaners on the lenses, and be sure to NOT leave your CalmOptics in the car, on top of a heater, or in an enclosed, unvented space for extended amounts of time. Heat and chemical reactions (from alcohol-based cleaning solutions, for example) can affect the lens coating. 

Hairspray can also damage the integrity of the lenses' lens coating, so we suggest taking your glasses off when applying hairspray and waiting for it to fully dry before your lenses come into contact with your hair. 

Do CalmOptics have a warranty? 

All CalmOptics come standard with a one year limited warranty against manufacturing defects. The warranty includes defects in materials, workmanship, coatings, and cracks. Manufacturing defects do not include scratched lenses, normal wear and tear, improper cleaning, dislodged lenses, or exposure to excessive heat. 

Marketing / Press Inquiries

Marketing / Press Inquiries 

Marketing inbounds, partnerships, and influencer requests are invited to contact us via the form found on Collaborate With Us

Media members are invited to contact us via the form found on Media Inquiry

Retail / Wholesale / Bulk Orders

Do you offer wholesale discounts? 

We are proud to offer wholesale pricing to vendors of all sizes, from small boutiques and to big retail chains. We're in stores around the world and due to the high demand, we need your help in getting CalmOptics™ Blue Light Blocking Glasses into more stores! 

To learn more, please visit our Wholesale Inquiry page and fill out the information for our team to get in contact with you!

Do you offer bulk discounts? 

Yes, we do! Looking for a way to increase productivity in the classroom? The greatest gift you can give is the gift of eye health :) To learn more, please visit our Wholesale Inquiry page and fill out the information for our team to get in contact with you!   

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