This was the best purchase I ever made! My girl has used it every single day.
- Noah's mom, USA

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"The most compact, lightest & ergonomic creative desk for kids. Also the best portable desk for adults."

Your Kids' Anywhere Ergonomic Desk

“It's like having a flexible seating classroom anywhere at home - or wherever else we choose to take them!" - Rebecca USA

Outdoor Use

Reading on Floor

studying at Home

Bedtime Story

Family Time

Leisure Time

What can it do really?

Specifically designed for little ones who need more fun on the go.

With the ergonomic design, this lap desk helps your child sit up straight comfortably with their feet flat on the floor, while without having to lean head forward.
"Kids were always hunched over, until I found this amazing desk." - Jennifer G. USA
It helps kids focus in noisy study area, and stays put while in use.
With a large surface, it's a portable place to study, play games, write or just hang out. No more worry about your kids who don't like to sit in the same spot the whole day.
"He can go anywhere he wants and he has a desk that goes with him." - Rosie M. UK
A place where they can get stuff done, or relax, or have playtime.
It holds everything from books and pens for reading and drawing, to smart tablets for virtual learning, even to a laptop computer for you to work from home.
"Very practical! Love the adjustable angle for iPad and book!" - Casey M. USA
Specifically designed for little ones who need more fun on the go.
The lap desk is easily detachable for storage without taking up much of your space. It can fit nicely in a travel bag. Putting it back together is just as easy within seconds.
"This is small enough to stack in a closet, and toss in the trunk." - Ginny P.AU
How it help kids sit with better posture?
"My kid is not my ‘sit-still guy’......Now he can sit anywhere comfortably." - Sharyn B., USA
  • Raise the Height
  • Adjustable Angle
  • Enough Legroom
  • Detachable Board
No more forward head or slouching back.
The height of the lap desk is 11" (28cm). It works as a screen riser, which raises your kid's tablet or book to their eye level.
Perfectly fit head position.
With the adjustable angled board, the lap desk can be transformed into a tablet holder or a bookstand.
No more W-Sitting.
With enough legroom, the lap desk accommodates in between your kid's legs without feeling it in the way.

It can also help to prevent W-sitting for younger kids by teaching them to sit with the supportive pole in between.
Also works on daily desks.
The top board is detachable and can be used individually as a slant board on a conventional table.

Parents also love to use this Lap Desk!

"It's my kid's ultimate study & play mate and mine too! 😉" - Casey R. USA

How We Compare

"Oh my, this is exactly what I was looking for." -  Russell P. USA

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If your frame breaks, screws get lost or you just haven't won the lottery. This is where CalmOptics Guarantee takes over.

For only $9.95, give yourself the reassurance that if anything ever happens to yours or your kiddos CalmOptics, that'll you get a BRAND NEW pair with no questions asked. 

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Our Mission

Make Learning & Reading More Fun

Kids learn in different ways, and they love to play. As parents of two children, it's our job to find fun ways to make that a reality.

We believe the job of parenting should be more important than the task of shopping for it, so we developed kid-tested products to make learning more enjoyable and engaging for kids…while also encouraging them to be active.

We love being a part of your special moments. You've got this, and we've got you.


· Color: White

· Stand Height: 11.2'' / 285 mm

· Board Size: 13 x 9.8" / 330 x 250 mm

· Base Size: 9.4 x 7.4" / 240 x 190 mm

· Weight: 1.6 lbs / 713g

· Adjust Angle: 0° - 60°

· Material: Premium ABS Plastic

See why parents & kids love Genion

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Refund. No question.

Your questions, answered.
How about they do not use those addictive devices?
Thanks for your interest in our product. Actually, this product is not just for devices. Kids can also use it for reading, coloring, drawing, and studying. For these purposes, we specifically designed a book holder and a pen holder in this lap desk.

As parents, we 100% agree that going outside and getting fresh air is important, and we also encourage our kids to do that every week. So we designed this product to be lightweight, detachable, and has enough leg room for kids to use anywhere: not only on the floor, in bed, on the couch, but also outdoors.

But sometimes kids may be stuck at home during rains or during lockdown. Or even if we can cut screen time down, the fact is that children will have to use tech for legit reasons, like online schooling or video chatting with friends.

No matter in which usage scenario, this lap desk could help. The ideal height and angle can make them view books or screens comfortably without bending their neck.

Hope this clarifies your concern.

What is the children's age-range can this be used by?
This kid-friendly desk is suitable for kids of all ages. There are no small parts so you don't have to worry they will put things in their mouth. It's made with non-toxic materials which will be totally safe for your kids.

There are 4 adjusting angles to make watching or reading comfortable in any direction. The adjustment can be easily done by your kids.

In fact, it's also designed for adults! The holding board is detachable to use alone as a laptop-stand on your working table. It's a multi-functional desk for all-purpose use.

Is the angle adjustable?
This desk offers up to 4 angles that nobody can refuse to work with. Browsing, sketching, reading, watching movies...

We save the possibilities to you to find out, all you need to know is, they work.

Will this work, maintain balance, if it is set on a couch or bed?
Yes, it is sturdy and works great on a couch and bed.
What is the height? What is the actual size of the writing surface?
The height is 28.5cm (11.2"). The length and width of the top surface is 33cm x 25cm (13" x 9.8").
Will this desk work on my laptop?
The desk is designed to be used on laptops with screen sizes between 11.6" and 15". 15" goes to the edge but still works.
Will a book side when the desktop is tilted?
It has a book holder to hold books steady, and it has two small clips to hold pages back when books are open on it.
How long does it take to get my order?
Due to the impact of Covid-19, the current delivery times around the world are somehow affected. According to our shipping suppliers, below is the estimated time each country takes to deliver during this period.

North America:
United States: 6-10 business days (Expedited Shipping: 4-7 Business Days)
Canada: 10-20 business days

Australia: 5-8 business days
New Zealand: 6-9 business days

United Kingdom: 5-8 business days (Expedited Shipping: 3-5 Business Days)

Germany, France, Italy, Spain: 6-10 business days (Expedited Shipping: 5-8 Business Days)

Belgium, Portugal, Austria, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Hungary, Czechia, Slovakia, Croatia: 6-10 business days
Switzerland, Ireland, Greece, Luxembourg, Norway, Finland, Poland, Estonia, Romania, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Bulgaria: 7-12 business days

Singapore, Malaysia: 3-6 business days
Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines: 5-8 business days
Hongkong, Taiwan: 3-4 business days

For the rest regions of the world, the local delivery is currently very unstable due to the outbreak. We are still coordinating with the shipping suppliers. And we will update here as soon as we have any information.

What is the Genion Kids return policy?
If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your product, you can return it for a full refund within 30 days following your delivery.

To be eligible for a return, your products must be clean and undamaged.